Advances in technology like cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming world economies and reshaping how people work. By 2020, more than 800 million people will need to learn new skills for their jobs and two-thirds of students today will work in jobs that do not yet exists. Not only does this skills gap impact prospects for individuals, it has a systemic effect on the ability of companies, industries and communities to realize the full potential of this digital transformation. Reimaging the labour market for the 21st century is an enormous task. Success requires a new mindset of lifelong learning and ongoing skill development to match advancing technology. That’s why Microsoft is partnering with organizations like ITAC to empower students to build their skills, earn certificates and access the latest and greatest cloud computing technology so that they can succeed in the modern economy.

As the world continues to be transformed by technology, everyone should have access to the tools and digital skills critical for their future success. At Microsoft, we firmly believe that creating a culture in which technology blends with human potential is the key to thriving in this new cloud economy and are pleased to partner with ITAC and RBC to help upskill Canadians, particularly those in underserved communities.” Kevin Peesker, President, Microsoft Canada

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